The meaning of the silicone awareness bracelets.
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You might spend months planning a big event. It could be a 10K race to raise funds for charity, an antibullying campaign to encourage respect at a middle school, or an art festival to showcase the work of local craftspeople.

Whatever the event, you want it to be more than a one-time experience. You want people to think about the reason for the event far into the future. That's where Reminderbands come in.

Awareness bracelets make it easy to remember an important goal or purpose. Many people wear them for days or weeks at a time without ever removing them, and each time they look at their arm, they spend a few moments thinking about whatever the bracelet represents. They can support your cause every day without much effort. The bracelet may even become a conversation starter to help them tell others about your cause.

1/4 inch wristband   1 inch wristband


3/4 inch wristband   1/2 inch wristband


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