How many do you know about latex allergy silicone bracelets?

A very interesting inquiry came in recently. The client asked us what the difference between latex and silicone wristbands is. Very good question we had the answer to and here is where we can share it with the rest of you!

We always boast that our wristbands are 100% latex free. This is particularly important for those with latex allergies, but most people don't know the difference or why it even matters.

Latex is a natural rubber. It is the protective fluid in the tissue under the bark of the rubber tree; the sap so to speak. When latex is exposed to air, it coagulates and hardens. Chemical additives are introduced to the natural product to provide elasticity and pliability. It is the protein in latex that causes allergic reactions. When styrene and butadiene are mixed together, the resulting product is synthetic latex. It is these chemical that also increase allergic reactions. Latex reactions can range from a simple skin rash to perioperative anaphylactic reaction.

Silicone is commonly confused with the metallic alloy Silicon or Si as it is chemically referred to. Silicone is a polymer that includes silicon with carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. Silicone is most commonly used to manufacture household products and wristbands as it is durable, rubber-like and heat resistant. Because silicone is a polymer, no chemical additives are required.

Contrary to popular belief, silicone wristbands cannot be recycled once manufactured into wristbands. Once silicone is cast into a mold or engraved, the product is so heat resistant, it cannot be reheated to be reshaped or recycled. offers the widest varieties in wristband styles with hundreds of colors to choose from. We take pride in providing you with a high quality product and satisfaction!


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