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When you need to design rubber wristbands from supplier, you should know the different designs as below:
1. Engraving of silicone wristband: the words are engraved on the mold for direct molding. Such wristband shall be moulded. It is often said that the lettering wristband, its kind is roughly divided into two kinds of "debossed silicone wristband" and "embossed silicone wristband".
2. Printed silicone wristband: it is the most common wristband, we print your logo and message on the wristband by screen printed or multicolor printed machine.
3. Color-filled silicone wristband: this wristband with a color adding process on the basis of debossed, which plays a more obvious effect of LOGO and strengthens the awareness of LOGO publicity.
4. Embossed printed silicone wristband: this kind of wristband is with logo and text color printed on the basis of embossed band. The logo and text on the wristband are raised, which looks like 3D effect. 

debossed silicone wristband  printed silicone wristband



embossed printed silicone wristband   colorfilled silicone wristband


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