Test the quality of the the bracelet silicone personnalis¨¦ montreal
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Notes for custom bracelet silicone personnalisé montreal:
1.Smell, you can cut off a little bit of silica gel and burn it with fire. Real bracelet silicone personnalisé montreal, burning edge is white, burning residue is powder. The false bracelet silicone personnalisé montreal after burning edge is black, burning in open fire, smoky black, with a foul odor.
2. Look at the product, see if there is something unclean inside, or some color deviation, see whether the packaging box is complete, whether there are printing errors, whether the diameter of the bracelet is regular, whether the "thickness" is consistent, whether the edge of the bracelet has surplus colloid. High quality silica gel products do not have rough edges or rough phenomena, the surface is very smooth.
3. Touch the product, the surface of high-quality bracelet silicone personnalisé montreal manufacturer products is very smooth, there will be no roughness, then the main difference is in the sense of hand, the appearance of high-quality bracelet silicone personnalisé montreal is even, feel smooth and tender, toughness, elasticity are good, not easy to permanent deformation due to external force, but fake bracelet silicone personnalisé montreal are easy to deform without reduction, because the surface of fake bracelet silicone personnalisé montreal is not. A layer of greasy substance, so it feels rough.
4. Secondly, if there are protruding color letters or LOGO on the rubber bracelet, the letters or LOGO can be buckled. If the letters or LOGO have the phenomenon of buckle, then the product is likely to be fake silica gel products. )


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