What is the basis for judging the quality of the silicone bracelet?

For customers who have bought a lot of silicone bracelet ,how to judge the quality of a rubber band is a simple matter .However they don’t know how to judge the quality of a silicone band for the guests who bought it first time .It’s not a very difficult thing,next we will tell you how to judge the quality of a hand ring in detail.

First point,is the color of silicone bracelet whether match the customer’s requirements and pantone card.All the silicone band factory are use the pantone color to produce the silicone wristband ,although the guests provide us the other colors ,such as cmyk color or rgb color,we will eventually chage it to pantone color .If you don’t know which pantone color do you want ,you can refer to the electronic version of the Pantone card ,you can absolutely find the pantone color on the pantone card.If the color of the silicone band you receive is not match the pantone card and your requirements ,it means the quality of the silicone band is unqualified.

After talking about the color of the silicone band ,then we will talk to you about the edge of the silicone bracelet whether smooth.The edge of a fine wristband should be smooth and without a notch,otherwise the quality of it is unqualitied.But you don’t have to worry about it ,we all use machines to trim the edges of band and we will check the quality of band before ship it out .We can ensure the quality of silicone bracelet you receive is qualified.

Third point ,is about the logo .If you order the silicone wristband with logo embossed or debossed ,it can be kept permanently .However if you choose to make the logo printed ,because of the surface of the hand ring is often rubbed with other objects,the logo will fade away.So a wristband with good printed although can not avoid logo disappear gradually but it can keep the logo with longer time.How to judge the quality of the logo printing of a hand ring ?It include the logo printed whether clear and whether logo is stained with other colors.If the answer of these questions is yes,so the quality of printing is qualified.

The last point is whether the surface of silicone band is clean.Because silicone band can produce static electricity, it is easy to absorb dust and impurity. Therefore, in order to ensure the cleanliness of products, all products must be washed and dried before packing.

If the answer to the above four points is all yes,congratulations on you,the silicone bracelet you receive is perfect,you can use it at ease.If you choose ordering silicone band from us ,we can guarantee that the best quality hand rings are provided to you,because this is the business philosophy that we have been insisting on since the establishment of our company,and we’ll stick to it all the time.